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Casa Kimberly

Let's leave winter for a moment and travel down to sunny Mexico....sound good?

After our wedding in August, Chris and I hopped on a plane and hunkered down in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico for some tropical R&R on our honeymoon.

One of my favorite moments from the trip is todays topic and its a sweet slice of Puerto Vallarta history mixed with some Hollywood glamour and drool worthy Mexican Design.

While we were sitting by the pool one lazy afternoon, we met this woman from the Seattle area (lots of west coasters out here) and she told us of her favorite places in PV. She said that we had to go to Casa Kimberly otherwise known as La Iguana.

Casa Kimberly is the beautiful restored home of actress Elizabeth Taylor and actor Richard Burton. It is breathtakingly beautiful! We wandered around with our glasses of wine soaking up all the architectural beauty for as long as we could.

Picture a warm very humid evening at about 6pm riding in a taxi up narrow winding streets so steep that you hope the driver doesn't let up on the gas in order to avoid the car toppling backwards. And then all of a sudden you reach an Iron gate right at the curb and you are there. Right inside you see Elizabeth and Richard about to kiss....

The estate spared no expense in it's design, It got better and better around every corner...enjoy scrolling through as if you were there. And next time you go to PV, make sure to stop in!

I told Chris that I wanted a house like this one....he smiled and said that he did too.



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