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Current Trends you should know before you Remodel

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Now I know the word "trend" gets a bad rap but hear me out. The trends I'm referring to today are not the ones that fall away in a year and give way to the next. Today we are talking about trends that will last you the next decade or two and will help with the resale of your home down the road. So in some way they might not even be called trends, perhaps "timeless design tips" is better!

If you haven't noticed the design world is currently channeling more of a soulful collected warm vibe across the board. Colors are warming up and wood finishes are more naturalistic. Gone are the days of all grey everything. We've learned how to cool it down after decades of the tones being too yellow and red and now we're finding a happy middle ground of warm and cool tones. It's a time when blending design from different eras is embraced and traditional and modern are happily married.

I have so many young clients who have bought the classic circa 90's brick home with the tall pillars and arched entry and yellowed plank wood know the story, and they want to make updates that will last until they sell again. So this one is for all of you in the same boat!

Here is my round up of 5 ways you can update your home so that it looks in style for the next 10+ years if not indefinitely.

Tip #1

Buh-bye Grey wood flooring throughout the entire house and hello wide plank blonde oak! You're looking mighty fine. Whether you decide to go with vinyl plank or real wood floors make sure that even if you lean towards a more grey tone that the flooring has a warm undertone to it. Notice the difference in the pictures below.

The grey flooring gives off a cold commercial feel and the blonde flooring is like a warm hug.


tips on choosing flooring for your home


how to choose flooring for your home

Tip #2

Unless your woodwork is in mint condition and worth show casing, just paint it. And don't play the patch work game of wood in some spots and white in others. Keep it as consistent as possible through your home.

This picture below is the perfect example of how outdated skinny wood trim painted white is a game changer. It guides the eye away from the trim to then focus on other features.

painting tips for older home remodels

Tip #3

This is probably the trendiest of the tips, but an affordable one. Naturalistic tile. Tile that is handmade/handcut or looks handmade is where it's at. Imperfection is perfection. The more realistic things look, the less manufactured your house will turn out. Natural elements will always look better than imitation.

bathroom remodel tiling tips

These tiles below have a slight color variation and this also creates a more natural look.

bathroom remodel tiling tips


Mixing metals throughout your home is not only acceptable but desired, as long as you do it deliberately.

In this one picture alone you can see brass, black and stainless steel integrated throughout this kitchen and it's stunning. A big key with mixing metals is repetition.

kitchen remodel tips for mixing metals


Invest in good lighting and make sure it is centered! Incorporate semi flush, pendant or chandeliers wherever you can throughout your home. Consider the size and make sure that it's not too small. I mean if your going to add a beautiful light to a room you should notice it!

Look at how much this statement lighting adds to the rooms below.

home and lighting remodel tips

And don't be afraid to add a chandelier to your bedroom!

home remodel tips

And that's wrap for my 5 tips for home owner's that are ready to remodel and modernize their space. My hope is that you walk away with a broader scope on how to make sure that your decisions land in 2022 and help you 10 years down the road.

Happy Remodeling!


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