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Farrow & Ball: The New California Collection

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I'm so excited for the new paint colors that Kelly Wearstler designed and created for Farrow & Ball. It's called the California Collection and It's gorge! I used to wonder what all the fuss was about with Farrow and Ball Paint. So I took some time to educate myself on it and found that the paint is truly an Artisan product. It's made across the sea in Dorset, England ever since it first began in 1946. It's quality is the crème de la crème of paints staying true to using pigments rather than chemicals for coloring. It's been around for over 70 years and for most of that time it's iconic paint names have stayed the same. For new comers one has to wonder what " Mouse's Back" looks like and "Elephants Breath". I've heard so much about "Setting Plaster" and I'm eager to use it on a project one day. The paint isn't cheap selling at about $100 a gallon, so it's a splurge for when you truly want to make a room special. So now you have a bit of history leading into the new paint color release we are talking about today.

Kelly Wearstler is an Interior Designer in LA that has designed some of the coolest boutique Hotels in the US. Specifically the Proper Hotels in Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX. I've heard it said that she's half designer half Rockstar. If you've seen her designs you'll know what I mean. She has partnered with Farrow and Ball to make a brand new summer paint palette which is super cool since they don't change or add to that often over the last 70 years!

I nerd out hard on the design world guys. So here is the California Collection!!!

Lets start with Terracotta. This reminds me of setting plaster from F&B. A soft blushy color but can still be considered a neutral shade. I'm allllllll about this color. I need a bigger house so I have a free room that Chris will let me paint "pink". Honestly I think he'd love it once I do it. :)

Now remember all of these paint colors are reminiscent of California.

Next is Salt. Gah this is serene! It make me want to sit in that room and listen to ocean waves....

And onto Hazy... Hello Hazy....I already feel relaxed looking at you. Read this line with Kathleen Turner's sexy sultry voice. She's way before my time but I love 80's movies soooo......

Here we have Stoke. Are you noticing the calming palette so far? This would look so stunning in a desert like room with chalky finishes and light neutral tones.

Here we have Sand. I don't think you can have a California Collection without sand can you??

And Palm of course....but seriously this is so fresh. Love the black and green accents in this picture.

Now we insert the last 2 and they have a kick. This dark one is Tar and I really dig it. I love all the black, charcoal variations that I can find and this one is a beaut!

And lastly as we go out, we go out with a bang.... we have Citron. For the fearless in the color world we have this citrus splash of greenish and very bold yellow, I love how the neutral chairs in this picture calm it all down a bit.

So there it all is friends, the California Collection! If anyone has used these colors or any Farrow and Ball paint I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Paint is so cool. It is the fastest and most affordable way to transform your space. Have fun painting friends and don't be afraid of color or the wrong color. The worst that can happen is you need to repaint!


Katrina Frontczak

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