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Fresh Color Palettes for your Holiday Decorating

I love decorating for the holidays. Pulling out the bins from storage and digging through them to find all the fun Christmas décor that I forgot that I had. I have a fair mix of tasteful and sentimental décor. Like the peacock ornament Chris and I bought for our first Christmas. It reminds us of the live peacock named prince from the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Leavenworth WA. It won't always match the color theme but it means the world to us.

Sometimes it's fun to freshen up the color theme for the holidays, so I put some color combinations together to give you inspiration for your home. You can do this through seasonal throw pillows, gift wrapping and of course the tree and all of it's ornaments!


This color combination reminds me of twinkling city lights mixed with some cozy but modern neutrals creating a clean simple stylish look for your home. It's truly an urban PNW look. Don't be afraid of black wrapping paper! It looks super classy with the pine and kraft brown ribbons added.


Think cashmere sweater and hot toddy. Camel and Ivory tones everywhere and lots of faux fur. It's classy and elegant while not sacrificing comfort, no not for one second. See the things is, with this look you don't have to use bling and dazzle everywhere to accomplish elegance. We've upgraded to furs and the consistent use of light neutrals everywhere. I think this is my favorite...


I really love this color combination, it's so unexpected and yet it makes perfect sense. The Icey grey blue color reminds me of the signature Tiffany's jewelry brand color. Its Audrey Hepburn on a Christmas morning. Refined yet fun, Classic yet a bit mysterious. This color combo is playful and cheery and will make you smile every time you enter the room.


This is for those who truly have cabin fever! This is the classic red and green combo with some woodland touches and it will always looks good. Like an A frame in the snowy woods, smoke coming out of the chimney, a cozy lodge like interior with all the throw pillows and of course the creepy elf on the shelf.

Is he creepy or cute??? Comment below :)

I hope this inspires you this Holiday season and that you enjoy the time with your friends and family!

Keep your eyes peeled for my bonus blog this month....Merry Friggen Christmas everyone!


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