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It's Official: I'm your new custom closet designer

Sometimes life takes us in a direction we never thought we would go. I can definitely say that I never pictured myself designing custom luxury closets but here I am! I decided a long time ago that I wanted a life that was colorful, new and full of adventure. And here I am with a new adventure ahead of me.

I'm designing for a company called Inspired Closets by Organized Spaces in Kirkland WA. It's pretty cool, we can design custom built ins for your closet, pantry, office, garage, media room, playroom, etc. And as a bonus I am still doing my own decorating and furnishing through Katrina Lee Interior Design, so I can really help you finish your space with every last detail.

I can help you with options spanning from boutique to practical. and everything in between.


So here is an example of how you can have a walk-in closet designed with all the bells and whistles. This allows you to showcase your shoes and handbags with a very tailored look. the lighting is on point in every section. It's like walking into a boutique clothing store.

Reach In Closets

Even a small child's closet or guest room can have the attention and detail that makes all the difference. Having a spot for everything and using the space efficiently makes life so much easier.

A well designed closet makes you want to just sit and look at it....often. I mean who doesn't love the scene in Clueless when Cher goes to her over the top luxury closet to pick out her famous yellow and black mini skirt outfit.

If you need some closet design, just shoot me a messaged and I'll get you all set up.

And if your in Kirkland, stop in and say hi!

I'm a believer in taking unconventional paths in life and seizing opportunities that come your way. You just never know what wonderful doors will open up for you. So when your "closet design" opportunity comes along... seize it.



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