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Beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

If you didn't already know, I love to travel. I love experiencing new places and drinking in the culture of the area. My husband Chris is from New Mexico and in October of 2020 he took me there for my first time. Now it's been said that NM is the land of enchantment, and based off of Santa Fe that is 100% true. If you fly into Albuquerque I can't say the same thing. But point your car north and travel for about an hour and you'll enter a very different world than you've ever seen before. Chris's sweet uncle who has lived in Santa Fe for 30 years gave a tour...

The typical homes with vinyl siding are nowhere to be found. All structures become adobe and I couldn't get enough of it! Here are a few snaps I got that were so charming...

Notice the use of color with the adobe.

Charming truck outside this home that just happened to be there!?

You'll notice if you look closely on the right side of this picture below that there are strands of red chili's drying. These are hatch chili peppers and peeps from NM are obsessed with them. Chris talks about them endlessly because they are hard to find in the PNW. Tip for travelers: when you're at a Mexican restaurant and they ask if you want red, green or Christmas, they're referring to if you want red or green hatch chili sauce or if you want both you get Christmas!

Even our hotel was adobe....I was enchanted. It's called La Fonda on the Plaza. Chris and I couldn't help but smirk and think of Kip's girlfriend on Napoleon Dynamite named Lafawnduh. This place is so unique and charming. I would say definitely in the boutique hotel category...which you know are always on my radar.

Our room at La Fonda....I love details like this headboard. Our room looked out over the plaza where they have a daily market and sell all sorts of goods. It was so memorable. You'll have to look at the Lobby to see more of the thoughtful details.

Santa Fe is a city filled with Art, and that's why I love it. It's packed with art galleries and shops full of hand made jewelry and western fashion. There are street vendors like you see below selling fascinating souvenirs tucked into alleys around every corner.

The pottery is so intricate and reflective of the area, which is filled with Native American Tribes local to NM.

If you love turquoise and silver jewelry, than stock up while you're down there. It's so fun to admire the creativity of genuine artist's. Chris and his Dad are both amazing artisan's and create gorgeous silver and turquoise jewelry out of vintage sterling silverware. So it's definitely a family thing and we all appreciate well made jewelry. Let's just say that I didn't leave empty handed.

When I say western fashion, I'm talking everything from everyday items to luxury couture. If you want real alligator boots and fur coats that Beth would wear in Yellowstone, you've come to the right place.

And just beautiful detailed art everywhere you look. Like this mirror made from mini antlers!? Remember folks, my blog is about style and beauty, so if I see it, I'm going to share it with you.

Intermission....the elevation and desert climate call for another round of Icey margaritas and salty chips and gauc. And don't forget the hatch chili this time.

I had to take a photo op with this magnificent man statue...

The ART GALLERIES me oh my....we weren't there long enough to even begin to scratch the surface. There is an entire street devoted to art galleries on Canyon road. It's a whole district in Santa Fe and renowned worldwide for it's art galleries. Visiting art galleries I'd say is a newer pastime for me on trips and I'm really getting into it. When you go, make sure to take even just a few hours to stroll through and admire the art.

For Art lovers of all kinds, Santa Fe is a must for the bucket list. Even Julia Roberts knows it, she has a home in the neighboring town of Taos, NM. It's a mountain town so in the winter it gets all snowy and lots of sunshine. I can't wait to go back again.

And one last Marg to end the night... Cheers my friends!!


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