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The Dreamiest Hotel in San Antonio

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I recently went to San Antonio Texas for my bachelorette party (gettin hitched in 2 months!) and had an amazing trip. First of all I want to say that travel does something for the soul that nothing else does. It causes you to stop and take a long look at the different beauties of the world with fresh eyes.

We appreciate the smallest things and the most grandiose things all the same. I absolutely loved Texas. The people there were so nice and it was just so homey and quaint. I already can't wait to go again.

Me and my girl gang had some time to visit the stylish Hotel Emma with connected brewery in the Pearl District of San Antonio. This place...I could have wandered around for much longer than I was able to drinking in every delicious design detail. So today I'm going to share the beauty as I see it through the lens of a designer and lover of all things design....

As you come up from the side it's just so damn cute. Ivy covered vintage grain bins and a majestic stone beauty peaking out from behind.

The Pearl District has this entire Courtyard where you can sit and visit with friends, wander around and just soak in the pleasantness everywhere you look.

Rusty finishes as far the eye can see.

I mean come on!? Old propane tanks turned planters..... the creative vibes here are lit.

Inside the Brewery is this cathedral height ceiling and everything shouts "I'm Industrial and super cool"!!

Everything and I mean everything has an aged patina too it. There is nothing typical or boring about this place. You even feel a little bit cooler having been in there.

Next you walk through an oak barrel lined hallway leading you to Hotel Emma. And you come out of the rabbit hole like Alice, and you enter wonderland....

As you scan the room each area is designed and furnished with so much intention. It's vintage.

It's collected. It's unique. It's San Antonio.

Aaaaaaand more awesome patina. And gears and valves and tanks. All the things.

Are you feelin the vibes I'm feelin??

Stop right hear. Look at this Lobby. It's Southwest Industrial and filled with character. I love it! My fiancé Chris was born and raised in New Mexico so I have a special love for the southwestern touches seen everywhere. And my love for industrial is due to hanging out with my good friend @salvagegirl who is a master vintage metal artist and welder. She rubbed off on me and made me crazy for rusty metal.

And they added this vintage steel case filled with old Pearl Brewery swag.

And now we enter the speakeasy where you can sip on ice cold craft cocktails as you relax inside old beer tanks turned cocktail if it's not already cool enough here.

Surprises around every turn....check out this spiral staircase.

Oh and we just stumbled onto this gorgeous outdoor patio by accident. The brick wall, the beams, the terracotta pots and all the green plants... yum. Just yum.

If you love design this place will truly fill your soul and I hope this was a snapshot that you enjoyed.

In conclusion, If you have the chance to go to San Antonio you should go. I saw beauty everywhere that I went. Beauty unique to the area and it inspired me. As a lover of all things Interior Design I truly appreciate when a place has been touched with creativity, history and art like this one has.

Until next time....discovering beauty around the world one city at a time.

Katrina Frontczak

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