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The Most Underrated item in Home Decor

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Whenever I meet with a new client and go through the list of furniture items that they want me to find for their home 95% of the time one biggie is missing. Got any guesses? Surprisingly it'll seem obvious when I say it but most folks just don't think about it. Drum roll please.......It's Drapes! The difference that drapes add to a room is literally like night and day.

I think that a lot of people are #1 afraid that drapes will make their house too dark and #2 they are flat out intimidated at the process and how to get the right fit and size and look and fabric and hardware and and and....

Lets take a look at BEFORE and AFTER photos to see the stark difference.

As you can see below this room definitely improved by leaps and bounds once we put window treatments up. And it didn't make it darker. If anything the whole room got lighter through paint, lighting and new furniture. The addition of drapes was like the mascara on the eyelashes or jewelry on the outfit.

I'll give you a little tip. Since every home is different not all windows can handle full closeable drapes. So in that case we apply "panels" that frame the window but do not close. This method warms up the window without overwhelming it.

Here is a bathroom where I added a relaxed Roman shade. See how it softens the space and makes it more finished all around.

And for the bold and the brave check out these drapes...I adore them! This couple was so fun and dynamic in their taste. We vibed right away. Doing their design was like falling off a log backwards. See how even as bold as the patterns and colors are they all dance together so beautifully in this room? Design is fun and the drapes in your home should reflect you!

Now for those that are feeling overwhelmed I've got you! Keep Calm and Hire an Interior Designer! (Insert my face here). I've been measuring and installing custom drapes for years and I can help you get that magazine look that you are dying for. And if you are thinking I just don't have the money for that, just think about all the time and money you'll save getting friendly professional help and

doing it right the first time!

So to wrap up todays window treatment topic remember that new furniture will make a room pretty but a "finished" room will take your breath away and everyone in the house will gravitate to it because it just feels SO good.

Signing off until next time...Making design fun one room at a time.

Katrina Frontczak

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